Other areas of our expertise

  • Data Center

    We provide turn key solutions for technological facilities with extensive infrastructure. In designing rooms, for example server rooms, we collaborate closely with the Investor to find the perfect balance between power requirements, infrastructure reliability and costs of the investment project.

  • Aquarium Life Support Systems

    Proper design, development, integration and maintenance of LSS systems is essential to provide optimal water quality in aquariums.

  • Project management

    Deploying the latest technology solutions is an inherent part of the investment process. Efficient project management is the key to unlocking the potential it promises. Our project managers have extensive expertise confirmed by certificates and invaluable experience gained while working on complex projects.

  • Energy use management

    There is more to energy systems than efficiency. We will show you how to use the energy you have paid for more smartly and more reasonably. We provide our partners with measurement systems and high-level utilities consumption analytics along with internal process and procedure optimization services.

  • New technologies

    We collaborate with academic centres and constantly monitor the market in search of the best solutions available. To make them available to you.