Reliable infrastructure

  • Energy infrastracture

    The right energy infrastructure is crucial for a building’s smooth operation, irrespective of its character or intended purpose. We provide maintenance services tailored to the infrastructure’s specific requirements to ensure its efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

  • Comfort systems in facilities

    New technologies should make life easier. Advanced systems for managing occupant comfort get the job done. We ensure optimum lighting conditions in the space we live and work in. We program the systems that monitor parameters such as cleanness, humidity and temperature to maintain the quality of indoor air.

  • Automation

    In production processes and in large and infrastructure-heavy facilities, automation is as important as equipment reliability. Our engineers work in conjunction with the facility operator to prepare the algorithms and automatic operating procedures in case of foreseen and unforeseen incidents.

  • Low-voltage installations

    Low-voltage installations guarantee the facility’s safety and easy management. Sound, CCTV, alarm, intercom, RTV-SAT, structural cabling, access control, time tracking systems – these are our standard systems. We also engineer advanced custom applications for our Clients.

  • Sanitation installations

    We design and develop central heating, technological heat or water and sewage systems that are reliable, sustainable, quiet and energy-efficient.