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The security of people, assets and digital data is growing more and more important. This is why we keep searching for innovation in this area – to be able to provide you with targeted services which match the project and business requirements of our Clients.

  • PSIM platforms for industry and corporations

    Advanced security management systems are more and more popular globally, delivering support for and multiplying the efficiency of surveillance and security providers.

  • Digital data security

    Data theft has even more serious implications than the loss of all physical assets. Make security-conscious decisions. Make sure that everyone in your organization is aware of cyber security threats.

    We will help you develop a sensible security policy supported by reliable protection mechanisms to ensure that your information is secure.

  • Electromagnetic security

    Cyberattacks have been occurring at an extremely alarming rate compared to a decade ago. Sensitive information can be intercepted, wiretapped or stolen with the use of more and more sophisticated techniques and devices.

    Leave no room for vulnerability in your building. Build resilient facilities with us equipped with electromagnetic security solutions to keep business information and trade secrets in strict confidence.

  • Fire safety

    Buildings equipped with alarm systems report the presence of fire in time to extinguish it, before it can cause damage to equipment or threaten life and health. Our system applications provide protection against serious fire hazards and keep false alarms to a minimum. The facility operator can enjoy the peace of mind.

    With fire suppression with water vapour and micro-particles in extinguishing aerosols, system activation does not necessarily entail material losses.