Our team

The world is driven by technology. Technology is powered by people. We know that delivering amazing projects requires great faith and relentless determination.

Our team is ambitious and always striving for more. Even meeting our goals never brings us complete satisfaction. Technologies advance rapidly and we are constantly learning to keep up the pace.

We want to share with you the value that is the product of the concerted effort of our team.

Our engineers adapt available technologies for optimum performance and exactly to your expectations. Our project managers make sure that their implementation is flawless.

We all work in a well-orchestrated and well-organized structure, which enables us to accomplish our goals effectively and efficiently.

  • Project deployment unit

    Transforms ideas into real-life creations. Designs, builds, deploys, delivers training sessions. Supplies services to our Clients.

  • Logistics unit

    Supports project delivery. Ensures that supplies are timely and the quality of materials and devices are nothing short of superior. Negotiates terms of purchase on behalf of our Clients, using our experience and order volumes to the best advantage.

  • Sales unit

    Starts with good communication with the Client, proceeds to learn everything about the requirements of our Clients and helps us create the best-matched offer. Shares knowledge and experience to help you make business decisions more easily.

  • Financial unit

    Takes care of the financial side of projects. Identifies development and investment opportunities.

  • Legal unit

    Provides formal and legal support. Settles contract terms – always to the satisfaction of both parties.

  • Administrative unit

    Ensures that the Company is running smoothly and everything is place. Makes everybody else’s job as easy as possible.

  • Service and maintenance

    Ensures that the Client’s facility infrastructure is up and running. Keeps technical equipment in excellent working order and troubleshoots any unexpected problems.